Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chummies bracelet

 This company called Chummies gave me a box of friendship bracelets to try out.  I love them SOOO much. Whenever someone comes to my house I give them one and I keep the other one. This is when I was giving one to my little cousin. She absolutely  LOVED it. This is how it works ... They almost  look like a puzzle piece .When you see each other again you connect them to show friendship.Its always nice to have a friend around you weather their older or younger

They have designs one has a sneaker on it and the other has a high heel that shows that you can be diffrerent in some ways. They have many more designs but that one is my favorite.As you can see they are made of rubber.

So if you want to give something for your B.F.F. I would get chummies. Here is the website


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Kash said...

Cute bracelets!