Monday, February 20, 2012

Rescue Villige

I'm reading a book called The Saturdays and in it the family rescues a puppy from the street. On my Saturday I went to the Rescue Village to see all the dogs.

My Dad took a picture of me with my favorite puppy.

I walked around to see more cute puppies and toke pictures. The Rescue Village didn't know the breed of this puppy. It looked like a little fuzzy piece of chocolate.

This puppy is SO shy. That's why he's in the corner of his cage. Isn't that cute! The Rescue Village said "he's shy because he got a shot yesterday".

These puppies were four months old and there already playing like big dogs. They were brother and sister.

It was fun to see all the dogs at the Rescue Village. They need people to bring in a lot of dog and cat food. They also need money for the vet. Here is the dot com for the Rescue Village if you want to visit.