Friday, March 16, 2012

"The leprechaun who got everything he wanted"

Once upon a time there was a leprechaun who got everything he wanted.

He had a rainbow, a sunshine, a dog house, a butterfly, a wishbone. Best of all he had his own golden horseshoe. Evreybody went to his house where he stored every thing he had. They said "it was just like a musame".

One day he didn't have aknof room. When every leprechaun got to his house he said "sorry I collected too much stuff and now I don't have any more room. I don't know what to do." The other leprechauns said to get rid of some of his tresures. He said "No. It's too special to throw away". His friends said "Maybe you can give us each one peise so we can enjoy it too." The leprechaun said "That is a good idea as long as you don't lose it."

So the leprechaun gave away his speciel stuff to make his friends happy. The leprechaun lived happily ever after.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rescue Villige

I'm reading a book called The Saturdays and in it the family rescues a puppy from the street. On my Saturday I went to the Rescue Village to see all the dogs.

My Dad took a picture of me with my favorite puppy.

I walked around to see more cute puppies and toke pictures. The Rescue Village didn't know the breed of this puppy. It looked like a little fuzzy piece of chocolate.

This puppy is SO shy. That's why he's in the corner of his cage. Isn't that cute! The Rescue Village said "he's shy because he got a shot yesterday".

These puppies were four months old and there already playing like big dogs. They were brother and sister.

It was fun to see all the dogs at the Rescue Village. They need people to bring in a lot of dog and cat food. They also need money for the vet. Here is the dot com for the Rescue Village if you want to visit.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to make Pitete Fours

On the weekends I just love to bake from scratch!! I've made cookies, cup cakes, cakes, cidamin rolls, cake pops and I tried baking Pitete Fours today. It was realy hard.

1. First you make pound cake.

2. Second you slise the bread into one inch pieses.

3. Third you get cookie cuters or slise them into squres. Like this...

4. Fourth you make foundent frosting and put it on the shapes that you made.

5. You can make the Pitete Fours fancy by putting sprinkles or chocolet chips on them. I'll give you a tip... put the decorations on fast because the frosting drys quikly.

6. Didn't these turn out good for my first time?

7. It's easy to take them for gifts or partys.

I wonder what I should make next weekend?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

My horse farm!

I started horseback ridding when I was 4 years old. I started when I got my first ponny ride and I fell in love. When I was 5 I went to horseback ridding camp. This is where I ride now.

I love China so much!! China is a white miniture ponny. I can put the bridle, satle pad, satle and coat on by myself.

This is Kizmet my favoreit horse! I love her because she allwas hugs and kisses me!

I love horses so much that my mom drops me off for a couple of hours. I wish I could live there!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today after school me and my sister started making home made Valentines. Because we are crafty girls! My sister put alot of stickers on hers.

I toke all these pictures.

We used these heart stickers. I love heart stickers because they are so cute!

These are my valentines. They are simple and cute. I put a line in the middle so that it looks like a smile!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is a special day

This is a picture of me with my new scarf that my mom bought me for my first Reconcilation. today is the day I confess my sins. I am a little nervus and happy. I am happy because it is my first time.

I love my scarf! My mom toke a picture of me.

I will never forget today.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun at the art musuem

Today we went to the art musuem. My mom gave me her old camra. I toke these pictures by myself.

This is knights armer and horses armer. I love horses!

My sister kept asking if I will ever take a picture of her so I took this picture of her.

This is my favoriet picture in the whole art musuem!