Friday, March 15, 2013

G.N.O. Birthday Party

A cuple of days ago my mom gave me an idea for a tween birthday party.

After  two weeks of searching my mom told me I should have a G.N.O.(girls night out)  When I herd the idea I said I loved it.

My mom told me that we could go to the Calafornia Pizza kitchen,Lush,and see Ozz The Great and Powerfull in 3D.Once I told my friends they were so exited,I was exited too.I decided I wanted to invite my B.F.F for a sleep over afterwards, she said a big YES!

I can not wait, we leave in just 2 hours.        

The next time you see me I will be 9.



Dziadek said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!
Cant wait to see Sunday!

Kash said...

Your party looked like so much fun, wish I could have made it! I'll take you out for a GNO just us soon!